Diastasis Recti/Tupler Technique

Diastasis literally means separation and recti refers to your rectus abdominis (Diastasis Rectus Abdominis Muscles (DRAM) to be precise. The Tupler Technique guarantees that you will repair your diastasis. You will also tone your stomach, reduce your waist size and strengthen your pelvic floor. The Belly Firm provides packages, workshops and consultations to help you.

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Benefits of our techniques

    Lose inches off your waist
    Get rid of your mummy tummy
    Transform your bulging belly
    Heal your abdominal separation, Diastasis Recti, DRAM,
    Relieve back pain
    Avoid an umbilical hernia
    Improve your pelvic instability
    Improve your core strength
    Improve your bowel or digestive problems
    No Surgery
    No Crunches & no Sit-ups ever again!
    Effective exercises pre- and post-pregnancy
    Abdominal rehab/repair
    Bring Back your belly
    Prepare for the marathon of labour
    Personalised Pilates/Yoga programs

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